WEBINAR: Digitize Your Processes and Leave Paper Permitting Behind

October 22, 2020

In today’s world, businesses are struggling to find ways to keep their teams productive and safe while keeping up with ever-changing rules and requirements. Especially in today’s current environment where social distancing is becoming the norm, paper permitting not only requires close contact on site but can also lead to hazardous work conditions if proper protocols are not followed.

There has never been a more critical time for teams to go digital!

Join our Permitting and Safety experts in our upcoming webinar as we share the steps your team can take to digitize your permitting processes within your plant or facility. We’ll discuss a few ways your Work Safety team can create and support a safer environment, including:

  • How to utilize a digital system to maintain face-to-face contact without being... face-to-face
  • Embrace rapidly changing business and regulatory requirements without massive effort
  • Practical ways to leverage mobility to better manage isolations and permitting
  • Add intelligent verification to your permitting and isolation activities without adding time

If you’re looking for ways to not only create a safer environment for your team but boost productivity, make sure to register for our webinar.

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October 22 at 10 AM AEST: Register Here