Mobile for Maximo Roundtable Webinar

Watch our informative peer-to-peer discussion into the latest Mobile offering for Maximo (formally DataSplice) moderated by Prometheus Group where we discuss and demo the latest mobile features, including:
• GIS mapping
• Dynamic Operator inspection forms
• Administration console
• And more!
This mobile add-on for Maximo is an enterprise asset management solution that serves as an extension to an organization's Maximo EAM system allowing workers to automatically see, record, and update data from the field using a mobile device. Data gathered in real-time flows directly to Maximo allowing an organization to keep their system of record up-to-date, improving data accuracy and integrity. 
With a user-friendly interface, this EAM mobile application works across multiple operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS. It provides online or offline access to information needed to complete assigned work orders. With a fully interconnected solution like the Prometheus Platform, any data collected from your mobile device will also be captured by the other modules and keep all teams, workers, and departments in alignment.
Download the presentation slides here
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