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Mobility Mandate: 4 Ways to Boost Mobile User Adoption and Improve User Experience

Users drive the “stickiness” of a product or process within an organization. If a user feels weighed down by the complexity of a solution or believe that a new product makes it more difficult or time-consuming to complete their job, they’ll stop using it and drive down user adoption. Mobility in the workplace means you can work on any device on or offline and save time while in the field yet, many users in the industry struggle with understanding its benefits.


To boost user adoption across the organization, a plant or facility needs to consider what resources, methods, and solutions it can use to create a better user experience. Join us for our webinar March 25 at 10 a.m. AEST as our SAP specialists share how to:

  • Integrate an easy-to-use mobile solution that serves as an extension of SAP.
  • Develop a training program to keep users up to date on changes to the software and industry best practices.
  • Get buy-in from the top down and encourage consistent messaging around a newly implemented solution.
  • Empower the user to get the most of a mobility solution.

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