Accelerating Business Value, Reducing Risks and Lowering TCO in Digital Transformations


You’re rapidly pursing cloud technologies, undergoing ERP system upgrades, and digitally transforming to remain competitive. But, maybe the business conditions of the day have forced you to hit pause or delay this important work. You need ways to jumpstart these programs and set the stage for their future success. You require solutions that allow you to de-risk these transformation programs, limit disruptions across the business, and realize immediate business value as you prepare for these important projects.

Master Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS) enables the immediate realization of business value prior to and during your move to the cloud and digital transformation projects by focusing on rapidly improving the quality of your data. Using advanced technologies like machine learning and AI, the MDaaS platform continually cleanses, enriches and applies industry standards and taxonomies to your asset master data. Then when the time is right, the MDaaS platform migrates your data seamlessly.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • How a data foundation reduces risks and lowers the TCO of digital transformation projects
  • Ways to accelerate operational and maintenance productivity
  • How immediately reducing wasteful MRO spending can help fund your initiatives
  • Ways to streamline processes and mitigate risks prior to, during and post go-live’s
  • Best practices in data cleansing and enrichment

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