How To Identify and Manage Process Safety Hazards With RiskPoynt | Recording

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In an asset-intensive organization, having a full view into your process safety hazards is crucial to the safety and productivity of your facility. Unfortunately, many organizations only have a partial view into their overall risk due to having risk management solutions that only touch one part of the picture.  

Prometheus RiskPoynt helps organizations solve this problem by enabling them to get a full view of their operational risk management and why Prometheus RiskPoynt was ranked as a leading solution by Verdantix in their Process Safety Management Green Quadrant.   

In this webinar, we will cover how with Prometheus RiskPoynt allows organizations to lower likelihood of MAH (Major Accident Hazard) events occurring, align to international standards (e.g. IOGP standards for oil and gas), prioritize work on equipment to keep operators safe and productive, increase communication to key personnel surrounding operational risks, measure success of barrier conditions over time to show improvements, and improve the safety of operations to reduce downtime and maximize production.