Prometheus Group's On-Site Training with Brasil Terminal Portuário

On-Site_with_Brasil_Terminal_Porturio.pngThis May, members of the Prometheus Group team conducted on-site training for Prometheus Mobile and ERP Advanced at Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP).  

BTP is a port operator in the right bank of the Santos Port in Brazil. It is a joint venture between  the Terminal Investment Limited (TIL) and APM Terminals and is the largest port in Latin America. BTP uses Prometheus ERP Advanced and Mobile Plant Maintenance for the routine and preventive maintenance of their ship-to-shore and rubber tired gantry cranes. 

Container cranes are the lifeblood of BTP's business.  BTP uses these cranes  to load and unload containers from the ships at the port and to organize the containers in the storage yard.  Daily maintenance on the port machinery includes checking oil levels and performing thorough inspections to make sure the cranes are functioning correctly. Proper maintenance of essential equipment is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage in the market, as improperly maintained equipment can lead to unplanned downtime, which almost always equals lost revenue. 


Before using Prometheus ERP Advanced, BTP  used to take a day to schedule maintenance for the next week. Now they can schedule for the next month in one hour. ERP Advanced has also allowed BTP to improve their backlog management and stay on top of their preventive maintenance. This, combined with the improved data accuracy that Mobile enables, has led to major improvements in BTP's overall maintenance efficiency. 


The on-site training with BTP and Prometheus Group  provided an interactive environment for BTP to learn how to best utilize our solutions. Prometheus experts showed BTP technicians how to apply our solutions to their workflow while answering questions and explaining the solutions in detail. At the end of the week, the Prometheus training team joined BTP in the field to test Mobile on top of port cranes. Now, with Prometheus ERP Advanced and Mobile, craftsmen at BTP can enter maintenance data at the port on their tablets, and the data will sync into BTP's ERP system in real-time. 


With complete plant maintenance and mobile solutions now in place, BTP can continue to improve and refine its maintenance process while benefiting from major time savings, clean and consistent data, and increased user adoption. End users at the port feel an increased sense of pride in their work and congruence with their home office when they use tablets to complete work orders and enter notifications. Maintenance schedulers are saving time with routine work, which enables them to concentrate on preventive maintenance to keep BTP's machinery up and running, which in turn enables the company to stay competitive. Overall, implementing Prometheus ERP Advanced and Mobile provided an important foundation for BTP's journey to maintenance excellence.


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