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Why third-party project management tools are hurting your organization

When a problem occurs or equipment breaks, the standard procedure in most companies is to create a notification and enter it into SAP. However, some companies find planning and scheduling work[...]

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How close are you to planning best practices?

One of the most effective ways to improve plant maintenance operations and wrench time is to streamline your organization’s planning and scheduling process.  Proper planning and scheduling greatly[...]

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Are you a best practice scheduler?

Maintenance schedulers play an important role in any maintenance organization. They are responsible for ensuring that craftsmen are available to complete a planned job during the schedule[...]

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Success Story: Century Aluminum

Century Aluminum is a holding company for Glencore International of Switzerland's aluminum-producing assets. In 2004, Century Aluminum acquired Nordural Aluminum, a 90,000 ton primary aluminum[...]

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Success Story: OneSteel Steel & Recycling

OneSteel Steel & Recycling is a premier manufacturer of long steel products, structural pipe and tube, and wire products, and leading distributor of structural steel and reinforcing products. They[...]

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5 steps to achieving organizational excellence

There are a number of ways to define what organizational excellence means in the plant maintenance world, but a common factor is alignment around mutual goals and processes. It’s important to have[...]

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