Building the Business Case for Digital Permit to Work | Recording 

6-15-23 webinar screenshot

You know your Permitting process has room for improvement and you recognize inefficiencies exist that are costing time and money, with manual and paper based processes often resulting in long lines, delays with creation and approvals, which ultimately negatively impact work execution, asset uptime, and incident prevention. A digital permit to work solution can have a massive positive impact on this process.

However, in order to justify making a change and help management understand the issues and impacts, you need a solid business case, especially in 2023 when budgets are tight and spending is being reviewed in greater detail. 

In this webinar, we share our lessons learned and some best practices and tips for creating a business case for digital permit to work from our experience working across industries and as the leading enterprise permit to work solution.

Join us as we review common areas of cost and waste in the permit to work process, expected results and improvements and the bottom line impact, examples of past business cases we have helped customers create, how to build a successful business case for a digital permit to work solution, and how our team at Prometheus Group can help you build a business case.