Digital Transformation for Environmental Health and Safety | Webinar Recording

Save yourself a costly headache…

Knowing how to properly equip your EHS team to successfully maintain a safe and healthy environment in the age of rapid technology change across industrial organizations is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in areas of incident and risk management.

So, what does Industry 4.0, also known as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” mean for your team?

For many leading asset-heavy organizations, it’s finding new technology to make a plant or facility more efficient, productive, and safe.


What if you’re organization is making the gradual transition from traditional work processes to a more updated work system using industry-standard software or technology? Is your EHS team making the same adjustments needed to maintain a safe and healthy work environment?

Join us as we discuss what it takes to build a world-class integrated Safe System of Work to ensure your EHS team aligns with the future of your organization. During this webinar, our experts will solve your most pressing EHS challenges around:

  • Using a standalone incident management software - is this lack of integration stifling your review process?
  • Assessing whether your permitting and isolation procedures are set up to encourage or enforce 100% compliance - are these permits synced with your ERP, EAM, or CMMS?
  • Integrating management of change into your operations and maintenance workflows - what is the best way to simplify this process?
  • Streamlining your P&ID process to make it easier and safer than using electronic pdf - are your P&IDs still generated by paper and manually edited?
  • Standardizing barrier control procedures - is your process effective in addressing the continuous change in personnel and technology?
  • Determining whether your EHS team needs a mobile solution in the field.

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