Ditch Spreadsheet Scheduling: The Case for Integrated Cloud-Based Planning and Scheduling with Maximo


Managing and tracking crews, maintenance resources, equipment, materials, hours, etc., on a spreadsheet leads to headaches big and small. From data inconsistencies to painstakingly slow scheduling work and missed opportunities to optimize maintenance work, organizations that perform maintenance scheduling in spreadsheets leave millions of dollars annually on the table in missed savings, inflated costs, and under-utilized resources. 

In one customer example, they were able to slash their time to create and modify schedules from 28 hours/week to just 12 hours — approximately a 60% decrease.  

In this webinar, we make the case for Cloud-Based Planning and Scheduling, showing you: 

  • Real examples of organizations with Maximo CMMS in oil and gas, nuclear, power gen, facilities management, tech, and more  
  • How they moved away from spreadsheets and their results 
  • The costly issues of spreadsheet scheduling 
  • The top ways a cloud-based scheduling solution saves time and cuts costs 

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