Empowering Employees with Prometheus eLearning | Recording



For many in the oil and gas, nuclear, utilities, power generation, and other asset-intensive industries, the work simply can’t stop. And that means hiring, training, professional development, and re-certifying can’t stop either. Asset management, maintenance, and operations professionals need fast, adaptive online options to learn new software, refresh their skills, and reinforce processes.  

That’s why Prometheus Group has robust and ever-evolving eLearning programs available for users of the Prometheus Platform. 

In this webinar, our experts Steve Bowman and Erik Danford-Klein show a quick overview of the: 

  • Prometheus eLearning course catalog 
  • Available eLearning support 
  • Interactive software simulations 
  • Proven gamification to increase engagement
  • Cost- and time- savings of eLearning programs 

Click here to download the presentation slides.