ePAS Mobile - Enabling End Users for Safe Operations | Recording

ePAS Mobile Webinar Screenshot

Many organizations are still using paper permitting processes that they put in place long ago and are hesitant to switch to a digital solution, and for some, an underlying reason can be end user adoption and change management concerns. 

However these concerns are often misplaced as once adopted, Prometheus ePAS users can't imagine returning to their former processes and inefficiencies. They realize how much easier and intuitive it now is to complete their work and processes, while also achieving organizational and operational benefits.

In this webinar we'll review the end user experience with ePAS Mobile and Prometheus ePAS, which enables you to streamline permitting and create templated forms that allow you to easily enforce your permitting standards.

In this webinar, we review and discuss best practices for switching from paper to mobile permitting, how you can eliminate trips back to the office or control room with mobile permitting, how to maximize the efficiency of notifications for emergencies and urgent approvals, how to reduce hazards of planned and scheduled work with mobile permitting, and how mobile permitting can help reduce manual data entry with templates and workflows.