Going Digital in Commissioning, Completions, and Handovers with Prometheus Co-Console | Recording  

6-28 webinar screenshot

Whether you are an EPC or an owner operator, the pressure to execute capital projects well and on time is always at an all-time high. With manual paper processes, and mountains of paper documentation that results, it can be hard to efficiently track project phases, provide concise updates to stakeholders, and manage other aspects of your capital project success and be confident in the completion and comissioning process.  

Transitioning to a digital commissioning, completions, and handovers process enables you to overcome these issues and prevent rework and project delays through integrated and streamlined capabilities.  

In the webinar, we will cover how Prometheus Co-Console enables you to view commissioning systems, milestones, modules, work packages, and equipment tags; design, control, and execute all stages of your construction project; build electronic forms, sign forms, review forms, and add forms to an electronic turnover dossier; perform punching, preservation, reporting, certification, and scope locking from a mobile device; and view reports of project summaries such as “progress by discipline.”