How Flint Hills Resources Manages the Chaos With Prometheus APM | Recording 

5-16 webinar screenshot

In 2019, Flint Hills Resources recognized a need to identify operations and maintenance issues as early as possible and extend the P-F interval. Flint Hills Resources determined that Prometheus APM was the fastest solution to implement and to drive insights into asset data and make it actionable, having an immediate impact on the performance and reliability of their refineries.  

In this webinar, Nick Walker, IT Product Owner at Flint Hills Resources, describes how they use Prometheus APM to manage the chaos of hundreds of thousands of data points with roughly 15,000 predictive models and turn that into 10-20 manageable and actionable issue escalations per week, leading to millions of dollars saved through avoided failures and improved operating performance.  

Learn about Flint Hills Resources’ Transformation Journey with Prometheus APM, the use cases for Prometheus APM at Flint Hills Resources, the IT Perspective of implementing a solution like Prometheus APM, the quantifiable benefits of using Prometheus APM, and what Flint Hills Resources plans to do with APM in the future.