Improving SAP Adoption and Data Quality with Mobility | Recording

Mobile SAP APAC Webinar Screenshot

Do end users lack the training or find SAP PM difficult to use? Is your work order data incomplete? Do you spend large amounts of time manually inputting notifications into your SAP system and completing work orders back in SAP? 

Prometheus Mobility enables you to maximize end user efficiency, data accuracy, and drives SAP adoption through improved functionality and visibility while being integrated directly with SAP. With Mobility, you can record information in the field and provide updates in real time, eliminating the need to take notes on paper and wait to enter information into SAP.  

In our webinar, we cover how Prometheus Mobility integrates with SAP to enable you to increase the efficiency of your maintenance and operations, improve inventory tracking and inventory ordering, decrease maintenance costs through improved tracking, enhance communication between maintenance and other departments, and eliminate paper processes and gain access to real-time updates.