Increase Maintenance Efficiency in Oracle With Mobility

Webinar: March 22, 2023 at 10:00 AM ET |  2:00 PM GMT

Do you enter and update all of your work orders on paper and then manually enter information into Oracle? Is there poor communication between your maintenance and operations teams?  

Prometheus Mobility provides a solution to these types of issues by offering you the following functionalities:  

  • Mobile work management  
  • Mobile asset management  
  • Mobile materials management  

In our webinar, we will cover how Prometheus Mobility integrates with Oracle to enable you to: 

  • Improve efficiency of maintenance inspections and operator rounds  
  • Enhance the way you create, update, and process work orders and requests 
  • Increase visibility into mobile asset management with asset hierarchy filters 
  • Streamline communication across maintenance and other departments  
  • Eliminate tedious and time-consuming processes like manual data re-entry 

We are excited to see you at the webinar! 

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