Initiating an APM Program: Lessons from LSB Industries’ Success | Recording

LSB APM Webinar Screenshot

Asset performance management (APM) programs are increasingly becoming a critical component in improving asset uptime and reducing costs, as well as driving process improvements in asset management and the competitive advantage that comes with it. However, many organizations are still facing challenges in realizing the promise and benefits of APM.

Prior to joining LSB Industries and his current role as the Director of Operations, Brian Wolf spent 10+ years setting up and supporting asset management programs and systems at hundreds of plants as part of his work with industrial engineering firm Black & Veatch. 

In this webinar, we will speak with Brian about how LSB Industries, a current Prometheus APM customer, initiated and developed their APM program, what were the keys to success, and how they have been able to increase efficiency and decrease costs in their operations. Join us to learn about LSB Industries’ experience with asset performance management, common pitfalls associated with APM to avoid, key considerations with implementing APM and when considering APM software, and lessons for setting up and succeeding that you can leverage.