Mobile Rounds and Operator Driven Reliability | Recording

9.6 Mobile Rounds Webinar Screenshot

Do you use paper checklists to perform operator rounds and then manually input information back into SAP afterwards? Do you get missing or incomplete checklists and forms back? Is the entire process slow and error prone? Do you want to enable your operators with better information and insight?

Prometheus Mobility enables you to eliminate paper checklists and increase your maintenance efficiency through the ability to create, update, and submit notifications and work orders from the field, complete inspections and routes in areas with or without internet or cellular connectivity, sync readings with data points in SAP to drive condition-based maintenance, and much more.  

In our webinar, we cover how Prometheus Mobility integrates with SAP to enable you to reduce errors associated with paper checklists and manual data re-entry, improve efficiency and accuracy of data collection in the field, increase communication between operations and maintenance, complete routes more efficiently with higher data integrity, drive reliability with early detection of equipment failure, gain insights into equipment health with trended reading history, and save time by building dynamic rounds with flexible scheduling.