Back to Basics: Planning & Scheduling with You and SAP | Recording

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Planning and scheduling activities are the foundation on which maintenance productivity and efficiency are built. Increased maintenance efficiency paves the way for better preventive maintenance, lower maintenance costs, increased safety and reliability, and more uptime.   

In our webinar, we’re taking it back to planning and scheduling basics. Join us for a practical discussion on using Prometheus Planning & Scheduling for SAP to boost the productivity and efficiency of your maintenance planning and scheduling activities and learn how to leverage SAP as the foundation for planning and scheduling with real-time integration with Prometheus Planning & Scheduling, implement an easier-to-use, more intuitive, more powerful interface and advanced functionality with Prometheus Planning & Scheduling, maintain a single source of truth for your data while streamlining and enhancing maintenance processes, and use PG solutions that integrate with SAP to enable your company to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve reporting.