How to Transition from Reactive To Proactive Maintenance Scheduling | Recording

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Many organizations want to transition from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, but it is easier said than done.   

Depending on your industry, your company goals, and your current maintenance and operations states, the road to proactive maintenance can look different.   

Fortunately, there are best practice steps you can take to evaluate your maintenance program and start transitioning it from reactive to proactive. In this webinar, we discuss steps you can take to get there including:  

  1. Performing an assessment of current processes to identify where reactive work arises
  2. Analyzing historical maintenance data, work order backlogs, and equipment failures 
  3. Implementing condition monitoring practices to identify potential failures earlier 
  4. Basing preventative maintenance plans on equipment manufacturer best practices 
  5. Prioritizing work orders based on safety risks, operational impact, and asset criticality 
  6. Utilizing asset management integrations to improve maintenance management 
  7. Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure maintenance effectiveness