Optimizing Your Safety and Permitting Practices: Insights from a Global Chemical Manufacturing Company | Recording

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Learn how global leader Kuraray improved its permit process by implementing key practices that allowed consistency throughout, as well as safety best practices and other ways of process improvement. 

Most organizations still use manual permitting processes, which can lead to decreased efficiency, increased potential for errors, and low visibility into permitting history. To address these issues, improve safety, and increase uptime, organizations must have full visibility and control of their permitting to maintain consistency throughout the process. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How Kuraray -- a global leader in specialty chemical, fiber, and resin productions -- improved their permit process by implementing required fields, approval workflows, and mobile accessibility. 
  • Permitting and safety best practices that can significantly boost efficiency, reduce delays, and ensure a safer work environment for your organizations. 
  • How to improve processes, including standardization, digital documentation, and integration with maintenance. 

Meet the Experts 

  • Richard Bass, KAI EVAL HSE Manager, Kuraray 
  • Karen Sofia Gutierrez, Functional Consultant, Prometheus Group 
  • Dave Blanchard, Editor in Chief, EHS Today