How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Best Optimize Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Operations, and Master Data to Achieve Success | Recording

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Downtime from equipment and asset failures disrupts pharmaceutical production and bottom-line revenue. Reactive maintenance increases the risk of issues, such as contamination, compromising quality, and reputation.  

Pharmaceutical companies must reduce unplanned downtime through best practices in planning and scheduling, master data, and operational safety to remain competitive and ensure drug quality. If a pharmaceutical company’s maintenance is reactive rather than proactive, production may be interrupted for a multitude of maintenance reasons, leading to costly batch reprocessing.  

  • Find out how world-class standards in maintenance, planning, scheduling, operations, safety, and master data can improve equipment and asset uptime and availability.  
  • Learn how best practices in routine maintenance, operations and safety, and master data can help pharmaceutical companies gain a competitive edge while providing consumers with high-quality products. 


Meet the Expert 

  • Sofia Gutierrez, Functional Consultant, Prometheus Group