Predictive Maintenance - A Strategic Advantage for Downstream Oil & Gas Companies | Recording

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Ever wondered what could define your competitive advantage when it comes to best-in-class operations and maintenance? What if you could be alerted two months in advance of a challenge happening, and add it to your shutdown schedule? 

It’s time to break outdated patterns, remove the need for pens and paper, and streamline your turnarounds through data driven decision making that will impact your bottom-line. 

Key takeaways from this Reuters Downstream USA-Prometheus Group webinar: 

  • Best practices for launching and implementing predictive maintenance 
  • Ways to increase the productivity of maintenance with predictive maintenance 
  • How to detect and prevent asset performance issues using your historian's sensor data 

Meet the Experts 

  • Matt Kirchner, Chief Product Officer, Asset Performance Management (APM), Prometheus Group