Unlocking the Power of Unified Capital Project Management for Pharma Companies | Recording

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The pharmaceutical industry is progressively increasing its investment in capital projects. Given that speed to market is a critical value driver for pharmaceutical companies, they must be able to complete capital projects on time to launch their new products to market promptly. 

One of the most challenging and inefficient parts of capital projects is gathering information from scattered enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, spreadsheets, and paper documents to gain full visibility and maximize efficiency. 

At the heart of every successful capital project lies visibility. It’s the beacon that guides managers and decision-makers, ensuring capital projects stay on course. Yet, too often, pharmaceutical companies grapple with disjointed systems and data silos. The consequences? Missed opportunities, cost overruns, and strategic misalignment. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • The secrets of effective capital projects. 
  • Techniques for refining project forecasts, tracking actual costs, and centralizing capital project information. 
  • How to bridge communication gaps and streamline collaboration across project teams and stakeholders. 


  • Jonathan Addison, Senior Functional Consultant, Prometheus Group 
  • Bailey Brandel, Functional Consultant, Prometheus Group