Navigating a Contactless World:

Getting Your Team on the Right Track Before Your Next STO


Collaboration is a key piece in a shutdown, turnaround, or outage strategy. Getting everyone and every task in place so your team doesn’t lose a few “wheels” and go off the rails at the start of an event can be challenging. It requires all personnel involved — planners, schedulers, contractors, technicians, supervisors, and managers – start and stay in sync with the most up-to-date information and data before your event even begins!

Leveraging a cloud-based shutdown and turnaround management system, especially in today’s world, allows teams to collaborate easily across teams, setting the foundation to track and monitor progress from the field and achieve quicker turnaround times.

Watch this webinar as we dive into ways teams can prepare for a successful STO event, including:

  • Viewing shutdown and turnaround plans from a single view
  • Easily accessing and viewing work packages through a mobile device
  • Gaining and maintain control of the scoping process in the planning phase
  • Assessing progress and the impacts to the schedule
  • Controlling role-based access to specific workflows

Download the presentation slides here.

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