Enhance Planning and Scheduling with PMM and XF

Webinar: December 7, 2022 at 10:00 AM ET

Are you currently unable to accurately forecast your preventative maintenance work orders? Do you need more visibility and control of your critical path?  

Add-ons like Preventative Maintenance Management (PMM) and Extended Functionality (XF) for Prometheus Planning and Scheduling provide you with even more planning and scheduling functionalities to improve your maintenance:  

Preventative Maintenance Management (PMM) 

  • Forecast capacities of uncalled maintenance plans 
  • Release, skip, or fix calls from the Gantt Chart  
  • Level maintenance plans before they become work orders
  • Update and maintain maintenance plans, task lists, and operations 
  • View future preventive planning along with routine work 
  • Directly mass edit maintenance plans from a tabular view  

Extended Functionality (XF) 

  • Easily drag and drop work orders  
  • Auto-level schedules based on specific work criteria  
  • Run reports on planned and actual work 
  • Track and automatically make adjustments to critical paths as you move work orders  
  • View KPIs by running S-curve analyses for the daily schedule and overtime  

In our webinar, we will discuss how Prometheus PMM and XF for Planning and Scheduling in SAP enable you to: 

  • Improve visibility of completed and remaining work (XF) 
  • Increase project adherence by tracking critical path (XF)  
  • Enhance efficiency of scheduling through mass changes (PMM) 
  • Reduce downtime and maximize resources (PMM) 

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

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