Overcoming the Capital Project Information Handover Conundrum | Recording  

7.23 overcoming capital project handover

Industry analysts such as ARC Industry Advisory Group say that inaccurate, incomplete capital project information handover can add up to 1½ % to the total cost of a capital project. For a $100M capital project this suggests possible losses of $1.5M! 

These unnecessary costs occur when organizations start-up and operate new assets without accurate, complete information in their Maintenance, Reliability, and MRO Supply Chain systems of record.  The negative impacts include extended start-up costs, delayed ramp-up to full production, increased maintenance costs, and reduced asset availability. 

During this webinar, we explain and demonstrate how our LUCY / MDaaS solution will facilitate seamless capital project commissioning, collection of as-built asset information, and formulation of asset master data for the operational systems of record.