Permit to Work: Making It Easy To Do The Right Thing | Recording

ePAS Webinar Screenshot

When it comes to permit to work processes and health and safety, errors and mistakes, even if well-intentioned or simply misinformed, can have significant consequences. 

When moving to a digital permit to work solution, one operations manager at a leading Oil and Gas firm described their objective perfectly:

"In every aspect of the solution, our intent was to make it as easy as possible for people to do the right thing."

This person knew that while paper processes might be more familiar, they can make it more difficult to standardize and enforce good processes. Without access to real-time permitting information including accurate hazards and risks and history, it can be difficult to perform work as safely and efficiently as possible. 

In this webinar we cover how you can streamline your permit to work processes in a digital system, features to make it easier to do the right thing, how accuracy and consistency are key to permit to work success, reducing errors and incidents with digital permit to work, and tips to transition to a digital permit to work solution successfully.