Power Up Your Reliability Centered Maintenance with IIoT


Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is essential to proactively preventing failures, but it requires real-time information to be as effective as possible. However, real-time sensor tracking often results in an “alert storm” that makes it difficult for maintenance to identify which alerts actually need attention.  

The answer lies with an IIoT solution designed for the needs of enterprise asset management. In this webinar, Prometheus Group’s IIoT experts show how to leverage IIoT data to improve RCM, without being overwhelmed by pointless alerts.

We examine how to:  

  • Connect your data historian to your CMMS to provide actionable information 
  • Easily create groups of actions to be executed when an event is logged
  • Automatically generate work orders and requests, notifications, quality plan entries, meter readings, and more 
  • Optimize preventive maintenance
  • Configure email and push notifications to make sure your maintenance team is up to speed 
  • Seamlessly integrate IIoT with your EAM or ERP 
  • Gain a real-time view of both your sensor data and your system of record 

View the presentation slides here.

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