Reducing Asset Failures and Costs with APM | Recording

APAC APM Webinar Screenshot

Many companies want to maximize their maintenance reliability but have sensor data they aren’t able to utilize, analyze, and quickly action. Without timely and actionable findings, this sensor data goes wasted or just turns into operational noise.  

However, with the Prometheus APM solution, you can take all of that sensor data and turn it into a manageable number of actionable steps rather than a lot of alarms and alerts that eventually are ignored. With Prometheus APM, companies have been able to prevent things like:  

  • Turbine flow restriction ($2 million saved) 
  • Fan failure ($750,000 saved) 
  • Cooling tower failure ($150,000 saved) 
  • Aeration blower failure ($100,000 saved) 
  • Chemical explosion (safety – unquantifiable savings) 

These are just some examples of the 75,00+ issues customers have identified and prevented with Prometheus APM. In our webinar, we discuss examples of asset failures APM customers have avoided, how APM extends the P-F Curve and reduces failures, cost savings gained by Prometheus APM customers, and how Prometheus APM can be deployed in under 1 month.