How McDermott Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency of Projects 

Webinar: January 31, 2023 at 10:00 AM ET

With projects around the globe in areas such as Europe, Australia, USA, and the Middle East, McDermott needed a capital project management and execution tool that helped them address challenges they were facing like:  

  • Handling complex pipe testing requirements   
  • Updating sub-system scoping with minimal manual effort  
  • Reducing paper/admin burden of field execution and preservation 
  • Updating upper management on project completion in real-time 
  • Reducing administrative cost of project completion system  
  • Streamlining documentation handover upon project completion 

In the webinar, we will speak with David Cole, Information & Systems Manager at McDermott International Inc., about how Co-Console has enabled McDermott to:  

  • Manage piping test packages and sub-system scoping digitally, saving time on managing revisions and manual highlighting   
  • Use a mobile preservation application to manage field preservation activities 
  • Configure specific reports for projects that required it and execute on time   
  • Configure projects as needed while still maintaining core functionality across all projects 
  • Enable a paper/mobile hybrid approach where necessary   
  • Use an Electronic Dossier builder to collect all signed documentation including scoped drawings and field annotations 

We are excited to see you at the webinar! 

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