The Path to a Fine-Free Audit: 3 Ways to Keep Your Maximo Plant OSHA-Compliant


Save your organization the tragedy, expense, and headache of run-ins with regulatory bodies. It is possible to keep your plant OSHA-compliant without taking shortcuts or struggling with inefficiencies. How? Let our two Maximo experts show you the way to a fine-free audit.  

Learn how to reduce audit-related penalties in our upcoming webinar, “The Path to a Fine-Free Audit: 3 Ways to Keep Your Maximo Plant OSHA-Compliant.” You’ll learn from two of our Maximo experts as we discuss how to:  

  • Make proactive decisions based on real-time visibility across all site and locations. 
  • Reduce human error with consistent, repeatable processes. 
  • Enhance communication between maintenance, operations, and Maximo.

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