Why APM is a Top Investment For 2024 | Recording

APM Webinar Screenshot

Verdantix, an operational excellence research organization, recently surveyed 304 operations and maintenance executives and found that predictive maintenance and asset performance management (APM) software were 2 of the top 3 technologies companies are increasing investment in over the next 12 months.  

Organizations are seeking out solutions like these to maximize their return on investment through enhanced asset failure detection, increased reliability, decreased downtime, and increased production.  
How do companies ensure they are making the right investments and what can the expected ROI be?  

View our webinar, where we cover why organizations are investing in APM solutions to increase their competitive edge, what are some of the key differentiators and things to look for in APM solutions, how APM solutions help reduce asset failures and increase organization’s ROI, and how organizations can get an APM solution up and running in under a month.