Enhancing Your Operator Rounds with a Mobile Solution | Webinar Recording


Don’t just make your operator rounds digital, enhance them! In this webinar, our mobility experts discuss how mobile operator rounds can transform your asset management strategy and keep everyone connected across the organization.

Do you know how critical a comprehensive, integrated operator rounds solution can be to work safety, productivity and efficiency?

View this webinar to gain better insight around how to:

  • Setup a recurring operator round with a simplified user interface
  • Build a round with condition-based questions
  • Schedule an operator round without a work order/maintenance plan
  • Create an alert when the operator round isn’t completed within the correct shift.
  • Send rounds data directly into your single source of truth
  • View historical trends in the field during the round to make quick, data-driven decisions
  • View the status of all rounds and results using the Web dashboard.

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Download the presentation slides here