Is Digital Permitting SAFE?  


As more and more organizations look to streamline their permitting processes, people are asking: is digital permitting safe?
Work safety is a top priority for asset intensive companies around the globe — as is staying compliant with federal and local regulations.

In this webinar, you'll see common safety hazards that arise all too often from outdated permitting techniques. You'll learn how your organization can equip and protect Maintenance and Operations teams to be efficient, collaborative, and above all else, safe.

See how an integrated digital Safe System of Work can optimize: 
  • General daily permitting tasks
  • Lock out Tag out activities
  • Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) and risk assessments
  • Energy isolations
  • Permitting during shutdowns/turnarounds
  • Communication between teams
  • Consistency across sites

Click here to download the presentation slides. 

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