Webinar: From Planning to Execution: Get Moving with a Labor Workflow Solution

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Too many enterprises still treat labor tracking and day-to-day workforce management as separate issues - leading to a broad and expensive disconnect between work plans and execution.

Taking dynamic control of your workforce as you execute plans can eliminate expensive errorsensure compliance, and provide insight into your ongoing work in the field.

In this webinar you will learn how an integrated workforce solution enhances labor management by:

  • Ensuring accurate, transparent, and timely payments to operators 
  • Enhancing visibility of ongoing operations and improving decision-making of managers in the field
  • Providing a comprehensive workforce strategy based on visibility, accuracy and execution

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Trevor Smith Presenter: Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith is a Functional Consultant in Boston. He represents Prometheus Group's leading solutions for Maximo and labor management, and enjoys playing soccer in his free time. Connect on LinkedIn.