WEBINAR: Achieving Alignment Through Scheduling | Webinar Recording


Achieving a level of productivity of 55% or 60% places your organization in a class of its’ own. But, without a comprehensive work management process in place, maintenance productivity suffers, and typically hovers around 20% – 30%.[1]

Generating a maintenance schedule is only half the challenge.  An organization needs an effective way to align the right people, with the most relevant information, at the right time.

Do you have the most efficient processes and technology in place to organize and coordinate people and teams, materials, and critical tasks after the schedule is set?

Learn techniques and practices to take scheduling beyond just generating a schedule. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Communicate and distribute live schedules
  • Effectively assign resources to jobs on a schedule
  • Ensure agility in updating resource calendars
  • Deal with break-ins and unexpected changes to the schedule
  • Due date tracking to achieve compliance
  • Utilize configuration to streamline communication

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